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Paintless Dent Repair: How Does It Work?

If you’re a car lover, your car is obviously among your most prized possessions, which is why you spend a significant amount of time on it: cleaning, waxing, polishing, tinkering and making sure it looks amazing. When a dent occurs, it not only spoils the look of the car and decreases its resale value, it may also serve to give you horrible nightmares, especially when your car has that amazing yet enigmatic multi-toned paint job that’s almost impossible to replicate.

There are many reasons for dents: a slight knock, a flyaway Frisbee, a grocery cart or even your neighbor’s kid’s baseball. You might not be able to control the reason behind the dent but you can make every effort to get a paintless dent repair job done, so the dent disappears and you don’t have to pay through your nose for a new paint job!

Dent removal in Akron is quite amazing in that it completely removes the dent and leaves your car looking as good as new without any of the traditional methods of filling in dents with filler and paint! Let’s take a look at how a paintless dent repair is carried out.

Assessment of Damage

Dent Repair AkronA closer look is taken at the damage done by the dent, as well as the place where the dent is positioned. For paintless dent repair to work, there has to be way to get to the back section of the dent, which may involve removal of panels and lights. The size of the dent, the position and the way to it are all considerations when assessing the level of damage. Generally, this assessment is done by professionals who have experience in dent removal Akron.

Positioning the Dent

When positioning the dent for paintless dent repair, entry to the back side of the dent is essential, since this is where most of the work will be done. Thus, gaining access to the dent is the most crucial bit that needs to be sorted before paintless dent repair can be carried out. Once the dent can be accessed, there are special tools which include reflective boards used by specialists to get a closer look at the back of the dent.

Massaging the Dent

Integrally, paintless dent repair is all about this: massaging the dent. A set of special tools are used which apply slow and regular pressure to the back of the dent to ease it back, thus making the car look the same as it was before the dent occurred! This can take some time: about half an hour to half a day, depending on the size and depth of the dent.

The slow pressure mixed with the right tools are just what’s needed for mobile dent and scratch repair. However, keep in mind that this is not a DIY project, since you probably do not have access to the right tools or skillset to do this by yourself!
So if you’re looking into getting that dent in your car repaired without paying through the nose for a traditional filler-and-paint job, you might want to consider getting paintless dent repair done which is not only an eco-friendly process but will also help you save some of your hard-earned funds for the latest car accessories!

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